Meet our
mission-driven team

Gerard van Smeden

Founder - Business development

Ivan Eikelenboom

Founder - Operations

Boris ter Haak

Founder - Sales and relations

Erwin Huizen

Quality control

Anne van Gulik

Durability research

Frederike de Smid


Zoé Huizing

Impact measurement

Raymond Knetemann

Sustainability research

Arco Meerkerk

Software development

Team Africa

Jonathan van Schoonhoven

Business Management Uganda

Pius Nishimwe

Business Developer Sierra Leone

Tendo Esther Namata

Business Developer Uganda

Thomas Ashley M.D.

National Ambassador Sierra Leone

Abraham Omollo

Business Developer Kenya

Team of advisors

J.C. Diehl
Prof. J.C. Diehl

TU Delft - Lead inclusive sustainable healthcare

Willem van Prooijen

Social impact entrepreneur

Prof. Jenny Dankelman

TU Delft - Biomechanical Engineering

Chioma Nwuba

Health systems strengthening

Dr. Ir. Tim Horeman

TU Delft - Sustainable Surgery

Len de Jong

Board member Top Sector Life Sciences and Health

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With Unifix Care we are actively looking for ambitious talent that would like to join us on our mission of building a more equal healthcare system worldwide. If you share our dream, let’s have a coffee and see how you can contribute.