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What we do

The challenge

More than five billion people worldwide do not have access to essential surgical care. This is mainly related to a shortage of proper medical equipment in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) to perform these essential surgeries.

The three main reasons for the lack of proper surgical care in low resource settings.


Shortage of


Losing your health through an incident means losing your means to live in these low-resource settings. Therefore, access to essential surgery has to be improved. About 85% of these incidents can be covered with just 15 basic surgeries. However, the equipment for these surgeries is lacking.

Our solution

The solution to this problem can be found in our own hospitals’ waste: thousands of tons of medical equipment are thrown out each year by western hospitals. Hospitals even pay tons of euro’s to get rid of their equipment. 4-5% of this is brand-new equipment. Current initiatives to give these supplies new use are based on 1-on-1 relationships. These processes are rather inefficient and still result in the waste of most of the equipment. First, only a small part of equipment that is still in good quality is captured by these initiatives. Secondly a part is being stopped by customs. Lastly only 10 percent of the equipment that arives the hospitals in LMIC countries can be used due to product mismatch, wrong infrastructure or no education.

With Unifix we are coordinating this process through our online platform. We aggregate the supply, connect it to the hospitals in need through our logistic channels, and ensure that it is properly used by offering adequate education.