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We help new and existing initiatives to get donated supplies to African hospitals

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We are closing the surgical gap

The poor access to surgical care globally is holding new upcoming societies down. Losing your mobility means losing your way to earning money in most countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. Meanwhile, the Western healthcare system produces a lot of unnecessary waste of high-quality instruments.

Main reasons shortage essential surgical care:

Shortage of equipment​

Because of the shortage of equipment surgeons need to improvise using other equipment instead or sometimes surgeries have to be postponed​

Not enough skilled personnel​

Hospitals often lack the resources to hire enough skilled personnel to perform all the surgeries​

Poor infrastructure​

Having underdeveloped infrastructure means that it takes longer to reach hospitals, this can be disastrous when quick treatment is needed​

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People lack basic surgical care
Preventable deaths

Our mission

Increasing the availability of equipment

With Unifix Care we made it our mission to reduce the shortage of equipment in Africa and provide them with the most affordable supply. To start off, we focus on high-quality equipment that is left over from Western hospitals and is much needed in African hospitals. Not only does this increased access to healthcare worldwide, but it will also help fight hospitals’ waste problem.

How we do it

With our knowledge and experience in logistics and import licenses, we help initiatives to get donated equipment to Africa. By making this process more efficient, we minimize transport costs and guarantee a hassle-free process. We see this as a win-win because we will help and scale our core business while contributing to a better global healthcare system.