Our mission

We help new and existing initiatives to get all the surgical instruments they need at an affordable price.

Our Services

Removing high price-markups across the supply chain to achieve affordable prices

Poor access to surgical care is globally holding new upcoming societies down. Limited access to surgical care severely decreases life expectancy and can substantially impact the quality of life of the ones affected. Basic surgical instruments have been existing for decades and therefore no constraining patent exists on any of the designs. Still industry incumbents have managed to keep prices unnecessarily high, making it too expensive for many hospitals and clinicsto afford the needed instruments. Our instruments are optimized to be the most cost-efficient.

Main reasons shortage essential surgical care:

Shortage of equipment​

Because of the shortage of equipment surgeons need to improvise using other equipment instead or sometimes surgeries have to be postponed​

Not enough skilled personnel​

Hospitals often lack the resources to hire enough skilled personnel to perform all the surgeries​

Poor infrastructure​

Having underdeveloped infrastructure means that it takes longer to reach hospitals, this can be disastrous when quick treatment is needed​

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People lack basic surgical care
Preventable deaths

Our mission

Increasing the availability of equipment

With Unifix Care we made it our mission to make healthcare systems more affordable. We focus on sub-Saharan Africa because there are big healthcare ambitions, but not enough money available to buy the required equipment at current costs. Our products are 30% more affordable than competitors while maintaining a very high European quality standard. This way, more surgeons can get the instruments they need to perform life saving surgeries.

How we do it

We cut the costs of surgical instruments by cutting out multiple intermediaries, a data-driven approach for product and provider selection and in-house quality inspection. By making the selection and distribution process more efficient we maintain a short feedback loop, enabling us to incrementally improve our service towards our customers.